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"Prophecies and Pottery: Journey with Jeremiah"

Heartache, displacement, violence, helplessness ... human stories include them all. Our faith story invites us to deal openly and honestly with these things, helping us to remember the presence of God even in the midst of such as the prophet Jeremiah did. Jeremiah lived through a time of exile--heartache, displacement, violence, and hopelessness--and yet he told the stories of God as the Potter who can reshape and remake us through these very experiences, making us vessels of living water ready for a future with hope.

Worship at the church, every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.


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  • Oct 13, 2019
    The Big Idea: When we feel at our lowest about life, we, too, can feel alone and see life as a wasteland–or little broken pieces–with little to offer. In our Jeremiah journey this week, God looks at the state of affairs and despairs… and yet… God does not “end it.” Instead, God still calls them “MY people” and, like a parent despite being at their wits end, does not abandon.

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